Siipiweikot Blue Cheese Dipmix – 3 pcs

Companion of the wings, companion of the sauce.

Finally also in a small 20g bag!
Note! This package includes three 20g Blue Cheese Dipmix bags.

No wings without blue cheese dip, or at least that’s how we see it. Each of our wing portions comes with Siipiweikko’s own blue cheese dip. The taste of our dip is soft and creamy. Even people who don’t like blue cheese have liked this dip. So whatever your choice of sauce, this dip will go perfectly with it. All you need is sour cream, a pinch of sugar and, if you want, blue cheese crumbles to complete the pleasure. We’ve been asked about this dip a lot and previously it wasn’t found on store shelves, but now you can get it!

We recommend using one dipmix bag / 2dl of sour cream.

The best before date is February 16 2025.


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