X-Hot 500 g

El originel!



This is the sauce that started it all in 1993. Siipiweikot’s X-Hot has been used in Finland for almost three decades. It is punchy with vinegar and salt flavours. On the other hand, these two ingredients cut through the fattiness of the wings and add flavour. This sauce contains some heat. Usually one wing in X-Hot is no issue but the flavour and heat begin to build as you eat more wings. When you have downed ten wings, you might see that the sauce has enough of kick for many and even too much for some. The Siipiweikot X-Hot sauce has its own established user base, and the most conscientious fans have used it on their wings since the early 1990s – and they won’t even consider changing!

Self life approx. 6 months

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Weight 0,572 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 11 cm