Hot 3 KG

Orange sauce with a hint of burn!



The Hot sauce has a rich, soft flavour with a stronger vinegar taste. Heat-wise, Hot also packs more punch than Medium. When Medium starts to feel like a slice of cheese on your daily sandwich, maybe it’s time to cross over to Hot. The Hot sauce cannot be described as burning hot but it still has its fair share of heat. The orange colour of Siipiweikot actually originates from the colour of the Hot sauce. The Hot sauce has also found its fans. The saying “Once you go Hot there’s no turning back” is an apt description of Hot lovers. It’s really not an option to move downwards on the scale! Either you stick to this level of heat or move on to the next peak if you’re not faint of heart! As such, Hot is a perfect pairing for rye bread, and we’ve heard some people like to sprinkle in on top of their morning porridge, but we wouldn’t recommend doing that without giving it a go first.

Shelf life approx. 6 months

Additional information

Weight 3,09 kg
Dimensions 12,5 × 18,5 × 18 cm