Hot Garlic 3 KG

Hottia twistillä!



In terms of flavour, heat and consistency, Hot Garlic is very close to the Hot sauce but it also has a touch of something else. The keenest noses and mouths can detect a gentle garlic scent and flavour in the sauce. In addition to this, the overall flavour slightly differs from Hot. If you’re not a fan of the vinegary flavour of wing sauces, we recommend you try the Hot Garlic and Sweet BBQ sauces. The Hot Garlic sauce has a subtle vinegar flavour but also plenty of other things. Hot Garlic is a fairly recent addition to our sauce selection. The word around town is that as a sauce, Hot Garlic goes with practically everything from sausages to casseroles and salads. We have heard many a recommendation over the years but the latest was to add Hot Garlic to a plate of fried vendace. Not bad at all!

Self life approx. 6 months

Additional information

Weight 2,99 kg
Dimensions 12,5 × 18,5 × 18 cm