Blue Cheese Dipmix

Best companion for Hot Wings

To be honest. there is no perfect hot wings experience without a blue cheese dip or at least that’s how we see it. Each of our hot wing portions comes with a specially designed blue cheese dip. The taste of our dip is especially soft and creamy. Even people who don’t like blue cheese otherwise like this dip. So whatever your sauce options are, this dip goes to the side like nose to head. All you need is a sour cream, a pinch of sugar and Valio Aura crumb to complete your enjoyment. We have been asked this dip often and it has not been found on store shelves before, but now it is available!

A good pound bag for a long date guarantees that this bag will last long enough for home use (however, usually for a much shorter time than you initially expected).

We recommend using approx. 15 – 20g blue cheese dip powder / 2 dl sour cream. With this instruction, the bag is enough for about 50-70 dips of two decis.

Shelf life approx. 18 months.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 21 × 3 × 29 cm