Kamikaze 3 KG

Fire in the hole!



Kamikaze, the wind of the gods, brings guaranteed burning to your mouth. Rumor has it that Kamikaze has a deliciously fruity and juicy taste. For the most part, it’s just a h*ll of a hot sauce and when you are asked about the taste, your mouth is already full of milk. In the name of truth, however, many people can eat one wing with Kamikaze. It’s not the hottest wing sauce in the world. Kamikaze’s treachery is when the burning multiplies… The second wing burns a little more and at the latest at the tenth wing, most will wave the white flag. Still, there is a small group of people who refuse to eat their wings with any sauce other than Kamikaze. They can eat 16 wings with a Kamikaze without blinking an eye. To them, the Lords of the Wings, we take our hats off!

Shelf life approx. 6 months.

Additional information

Weight 3,233 kg
Dimensions 12,5 × 18,5 × 18 cm